Office location: Epsom
Joined Aon: September 2015
What attracted you to the Aon Apprenticeship Programme?

What attracted me most to the apprenticeship programme was that I could earn and learn at the same time. I thought it was so valuable to be able to work towards a highly regarded qualification that, in the past, I would have had to go to university for but instead I could work for Aon whilst being paid and not ending up in any debt! It also meant that I would be able to start saving sooner rather than later and that I could experience new things with the money I would be earning.

What have you learnt in your time at Aon?

Working at Aon has given me such a positive outlook on the working world. It has shown me that working with people at different levels of their own personal careers is so beneficial to exposing me to a vast range of knowledge. It has also given me the opportunity to network a lot more and meet new people, developing my social skills. I have learnt to better my professional skills and also that making mistakes is ok and that it helps me learn and progress.

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical working day for me starts with me checking my emails for any progressions in work and any new work and also replying to any emails. I then have a look at my to-do list that I usually make every day before I go home so that I am ready for the next day. I usually have some member queries to either do or, more frequently, to check and to pass back to the doer. I also continue with any reports I may have to write – often these are quite lengthy so I write it in instalments to give me time to reflect on each part rather than writing it all up at once. I do a lot of management on my clients so I make sure all the work is allocated and will be done according to appropriate timescales; a lot of the time I may be chasing people up on work or making sure that they are ok with it and don’t need any extra resource.

What have you enjoyed most about your Apprenticeship Programme?

My favourite part of the apprenticeship programme is the constant support I have received since starting it. Whether I have issues at work or personal issues at home, I can always speak to my manager and the people around me with total trust that it will remain between us. I have also enjoyed the social aspect of work which I thought I would lose by not going to university but we always have work socials which makes the office a lot more fun and we are always doing spontaneous cake afternoons or breakfast mornings. I have made some really great friends here and don’t regret my decision to start working straight away; I can see I have a career ahead of me full of opportunities.

What’s next for you at Aon?

I am hoping to pass the last exam required for my apprenticeship soon and have my panel interview. After this I will still continue my job at Aon and hopefully will work through the exams quickly and continue to progress in my career.

What advice would you give to someone considering applying for the Aon apprenticeship programme?

To be themselves and let their personality come out so that they stand out. Make your application one that is not generic and that reads well and shows some character – it is a misconception that our industry is boring and always serious, everyone in the office has a personality that makes it so much more enjoyable to work in!

Application timetable

Applications open: December 2018
Application deadline: 1st April 2019
Assessment centres: March 2019 to June 2019